1968 DODGE CHARGER for sale

Price: $199,990
Purchased out of California, it was then a 440, four-speed, the then owner could have just tidied it up and put it all back together, but he wanted something different that was reliable, stayed cool in traffic, behaved and did everything it should.

At this point, most people would be thinking along the lines of a late-model Hemi out of a Chrysler 300, in his eyes, that just didnt have the cool factor he was after, so he started looking at a Viper V10 engine. Its a pretty popular conversion in the US, but that doesnt mean it was easy: There is nothing you can buy as a kit, so everything in the car is fabricated.

The other major hurdle he faced was getting the car fully engineered and registered with the 505ci, 500hp motor and four-speed auto. Yes, we know Vipers only came out with a manual, but he actually sourced the engine and box and everything else he needed for the conversion from a 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10.

He tried to make it look like a factory installation, so theres very little shiny stuff in there: If I cant clean it with Spray n Wipe, then Im not interested!

Its your basic black muscle car interior however, the gauges are out of the Dodge Ram to make sure everything reads correctly, although he fitted them into a custom instrument panel made from carbon fibre.

The bright green metallic paint is something spotted on a Mazda 2. He didnt want anything too custom and would be too difficult to match- thats being practical!. Theres no doubt this car will cop some stone chips in the future. If youre thinking the tyres could maybe be a bit fatter, youd be right, but this is what the authorities were happy with.
Listing TypeUsed
Stock NumberS374
Body TypeHardtop - Coupe
No. of Doors2
No. of Cylinders10cyl
Drive TypeRWD

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Castle Hill, NSW